Author Kenan Trebicevic- War, exile and return.

“I felt naked and exposed, vulnerable about my journey. I was speaking for all Bosnian’s, the ones that couldn’t speak themselves,” said Kenan Trebincevic, at the New School journalism class where he once worked closely with co Author and professor Susan Shapiro about his upcoming memoir, “The Bosnia List”. Published by Penguin Books.

Kenan sat confidently and open to the class Q&A discussing his writing process. His down to earth nature made it easy to dig through the difficult discovery of the story of his childhood. It was all he knew, at age 12 he was experiencing a war in his backyard. His family fled from their hometown in former Yugoslavia, running from the threat of death by the ethical difficulties involving Muslims. Facing the reality when his father and brother were imprisoned in a concentration camp.

In his younger years he spent most of his time giving physical therapy advice to locals at his fathers gym, this continued through his adult career where he met Susan whom helped unlock the story he held close for all those years.

Trebincevic came to the United States in 1993, and completed college in Connecticut, followed by American Citizenship in 2001. Currently living in Astoria, Queens; he has become completely immersed in the New York culture, “I knew I would not become an ignorant Bosnian inexperienced of the world, “ said Kenan. He was fortunate.

His work has appeared in the New York Times magazines, The Wall Street journal, and the Herald Tribune. His memoir will be published in late February, 2014.  He has multiple book signings and Q7A’s coming up in Ohio, and City Hall.


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